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Liiva 13, 65609 Vőru
Info: (+372) 78 68676, (+372) 78 68671
Faks: (+372) 78 68672
E-post: info@vorukannel.ee
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Ürituse nimi: Kontsert: Belgia klaveriduo "B!z´art" - GEOFFREY BAPTISTE ja ANDRE ROE
Kuupäev: 04.11.2015
Kell: 19:00
Ürituse kirjeldus:

Oma seekordsel Euroopa kontsertreisil on ainulaadne, virtuoosne ning kõrgelt hinnatud

Belgia klaveriduo "B!z´art",

GEOFFREY BAPTISTE ja ANDRE ROE, külastamas Eestit.

Kontsert Võru Kandles toimub 4. novembril kell 19.00


Bizet - Children`s games op.22 

Casella - Pupazzetti op.27

Ravel - Mother Goose

Brahms - 5 hungarian dances no 1,3,5,11 and 16

Copland - Simple gifts from appalachian spring

Barber - Souvenirs op.28

B!zart Võru Kandles



duo b!z’art

We are the duo b!z’art, piano duet for 1 and 2 pianos, founded by André Roe and Geoffrey Baptiste in 2004.

Bizarre means what is unusual and unconventional, to make you discover with passion the world of arts.
Playing the piano with 4 hands, we use 20 fingers of 2 musicians sharing the 88 keys of a piano. This gives a very special show, where the hands intertwined on the keyboard with virtuosity.
This ensemble provides a very unique repertoire. Sometimes the instrument can be intimate, like Salon-Music, other times it becomes symphonic imitating the orchestra.
In addition, we find ourselves facing the piano, communicating together, inviting the public to share this special moment. Sincerity, energy and love of music is the focus of our ongoing research.

Our concerts revolve around a strong and original theme (« Souvenirs, souvenirs, ... », « Made in USA », « Waltzes, tangos and other dances », ...), influenced by our musical tastes ranging from romantic to 20th century music, we combine happily classical hits and unknown masterpieces.

We also enjoy meeting new audiences and we attach importance to educational concerts, interactive musical entertainment, specially designed for children.

We regulary perform across Europa, and we will be on tour in Scandinavia, British Islands and the Baltic Republics in autumn 2015 www.duobizart.be/concbizart_en.htm


Wednesday 04th November 2015 at 19:00
Võru, Estonia
Võru Kannel


André Roe

André graduated from the Royal Conservatory's of Liège and Brussels, the « Koninglijk Conservatorium van Brussel » and the « Ecole Normale Alfred Cortot de Paris ». He obtained numerous awards in Belgium and France including Dexia Classics, Nany Phillipart's Grant, the Peleman's National Prize...

André shares his love of music as a chamber musician (duo b!z’art, duo aréthuse, ensemble geyser), a continuo player (organ and harpsichord with the Chapelle des Minimes and the PasSages Ensemble) and as a orchestral pianist (with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Liège Royal Philarmonic Orchestra, The Air Force Royal Music of Belgium, the Royal Opera Orchestra of Wallonia, The Lucilin Ensemble). He took part in over 300 concerts in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Germany.

André passes on his passion as a accompanist, piano and analysis professor in several music academies and at the Royal Conservatory's of Liège and Brussels. www.a-roe.com

Geoffrey Baptiste

Having always been attracted by playing music with other people and by the pleasure of communication it provides, it is not surpising that, at the end of his studies at the Conservatory's of Liège and Brussels, Geoffrey persued a carrer as a chamber musician and a orchestral pianist.

He founded three chamber music ensembles: the duo b!z'art, the duo dzeta (piano and violin, with Aude Miller), and the trio Oxymore (with the violinist Emilie Belaud and clarinetist Pierre Xhonneux). Besides these chamber music concerts, Geoffrey has given over 100 concerts since 2006 as a piano and celesta player within the Liege Royal Philharmonic. He also works with the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonie Zuidnederland.

In January 2010, he played the Fantasy on Polish Airs of F. Chopin, accompanied by the Liege Royal Philharmonic conducted by François-Xavier Roth. Parallel to his artistic activities, Geoffrey shares his passion for music as a piano teacher and accompanist in several music academies. Geoffrey is also a winner of various competitions in Belgium, France and Italy, including Dexia Classics where he was honored as a chamber musician and as a concert pianist.



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